Aylesworth Students Donate to Help Others this Season

Aylesworth-Hailey-Ethan-Food-DriveHailey Henderlong is a third grader at Aylesworth Elementary. Just like many of the students, she wanted to help out with her school’s food drive. She noticed her older brother collecting canned goods for the high school’s food drive and decided she wanted to help too. She showed up to school on Tuesday morning with 101 cans for Aylesworth’s food drive.

When asked how she came to have that many cans, she said, “I walked a long way to get them”. On Monday, her day off school, Hailey got her wagon and started walking with her mom. Over the course of a couple hours she walked door to door asking for canned good donations. She said most people were happy to give her a couple of cans while some even donated money which she then used to buy more cans at the grocery store.

She said she wanted to volunteer and was happy to help those in need because that’s what her dad taught her to do. Hailey has proven to be a very compassionate third grader!

At Aylesworth, we are collecting personal care items for Gabriel’s Horn Women/Children’s Shelter, and New Creation Men’s Center. Many students are spreading compassion to those in need in our community this holiday season. One such student is Ethan Dossett, a 4th grader. Ethan has collected over 4 boxes filled with soap, mouthwash, razors, shampoo, and more to help those in need. He has set a great example for the students of Aylesworth Elementary, and the community of Portage. Way to go Ethan!