An Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight: Nick Martinez

An Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight: Nick Martinez

Nick Martinez, a new garage door installer at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, has only been part of the company for a few months but already feels right at home.

Martinez starts his day a little earlier than the rest of the crew, not because he’s required to do so, but because he likes to get the shop up and running for everyone else.

“I get to work about 15 minutes earlier than everyone. I’ll turn on the shop lights, make sure everything is in place, and help load trucks for the day until everyone gets in,” Martinez said. “It’s a routine of mine, and all of the guys have noticed and appreciate this small thing that I do. It’s always a nice feeling to be appreciated.”

Martinez’s position at the company came to him by chance as a result of hockey locker room talk.

“I play in a rat hockey league with Jim [Cameron, President/CEO at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana], and one day, I just kind of threw it out there in the locker room that I was looking for a new job,” Martinez said. “Jim immediately took interest and told me to come on in and apply.”

Martinez went through the interview process and soon hopped on board, eager to get started. Martinez is in residential training, working alongside his co-workers, and will transition to commercial training in the near future. So far, the experience has been one of the most enjoyable he has gone through throughout his working life.

“Although I didn’t know much about the field before entering, the guys made it easy and fun to learn about. It’s a very family-oriented business. The people I work with are much more like family to me than they are co-workers, and this made the training process much easier and motivated me to do my best,” he said.

Training at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana lasts for six months and ends with an evaluation that dictates whether the employee will need more training or is ready to enter the field. Martinez looks forward to this journey and creating strong bonds with his co-workers along the way.

“I always feel included in everything. I worked at this company for two weeks only and got an invitation to the Christmas party,” he said. “Everyone is so inviting. If you ever need help, whether in your work life or personal life, they’re there.”

In his free time, Martinez enjoys playing hockey at Midwest Training Center alongside Cameron and Cameron’s two sons Jimmy and Jeff.

“I usually play goalie, so if they ever have any frustrations with me at work, they definitely take advantage and have it out with me on the ice,” Martinez joked. 

Martinez also runs a podcast with a co-host in his spare time called Mentally Drained. It streams on Apple Music and Spotify.

“The podcast focuses on the challenges faced in everyday life whether it involves family, friends, traveling, and more. We try to give tips on how to get through some of these tough times,” Martinez said.

Looking forward, Martinez hopes to finish out his training strong and continue to gain knowledge and experience in the field.

“I hope to be with this company for as long as I can and continue to give it 110% each day,” Martinez said.

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