An Industrial Revolution Employee Spotlight: Shawna Brown

An Industrial Revolution Employee Spotlight: Shawna Brown
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: April 30, 2019

Line cooks are some of the most important people within a restaurant, however guests rarely see them in action. They prep ingredients, make sure orders are plated and ready for customers, and do the legwork to keep a hot and busy kitchen running smoothly.

Industrial Revolution’s Shawna Brown isn’t new to being in that hectic hot seat role. She worked as a line cook at a beachfront bar and grill back when she lived in Florida. Brown thinks the popular and always bustling Revolution feels calm compared to her previous job.

“It definitely feels smaller here, but I like it a lot better,” said Brown. “For me, the biggest and best thing is how we all work as a team. At my old job, everyone was kind of doing their own thing, you were pretty much on your own. Here, we’re all really close and we can always count on each other to help out.”

Brown, who will have been with Industrial Revolution for a year this August, was not always a seasoned veteran of busy kitchens. She first got a taste of life as a line cook with an experience many find familiar.

“I was always in the kitchen with my mom as a kid,” she said. “I really enjoyed it back then, so I thought I’d give it a try when I got older, and it’s just something that has stuck with me ever since.”

Brown explained that one of her favorite aspects of her work at Industrial Revolution is that the leaders do their best to make the whole team feel supported. General Managers like Ronnie Sazone worked their way up to their current positions from roles similar to Brown’s, making them approachable and relatable.

“If you ever have any problems, the managers go out of their way to help you,” said Brown. “They take the time to actually get to know us, and that’s so important.”

Much of Industrial Revolution’s regional fame comes from their eponymous theme. A train circles above patrons as they dine, the menus pay tribute to Americans who helped build the country, and the walls are lined with quotes and pictures from the days of industry. For Brown, who sees these decorations every day, the style never gets old.

“I love it, especially the train,” she said. “As for the menu, we sell a lot of our Pot Roast Mac & Cheese and, of course, our burgers. I was also kind of surprised at how popular our fish is, since it’s so different from the rest of the menu.”

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