Allegius Credit Union caters to clientele

Allegius Credit Union caters to clientele

Choosing an institution to trust with your hard-earned money is often a tedious process. Finding a group that truly understands your financial situation and needs is a crucial part of financial stability, but larger banks often don’t have the capacity to meet with and learn about the individual needs of their customers.

This is where Allegius Credit Union thrives. For over 50 years, Allegius has worked with blue-collared individuals and their families to create personalized solutions to any financial need they may encounter.

“Our credit union has been around since 1966. We service mainly blue-collar hard-working individuals and their family members,” said Vice President of Member Development Gary Fossey.

At its core, Allegius strives to make relationships over a profit. Before financial advisors even begin talking about business, they work to get to know each client in order to truly understand what would benefit them most.

“The credit union is a not-for-profit institution as opposed to a bank that is for profit. The foundation of the credit union movement is for people, not for profit. We look at the member and their relationship with us and we deep dive a little bit more into who that person is,” said Fossey.

Allegius’s personable approach to banking ensures that members get a plan that suits their best interests. While other banks often require a high amount of deposited money by a certain date to earn anything on an account, Allegius members get a personalized rate for earning based on an average daily balance of their Kasasa checking account.

“We know that people fluctuate from when they get paid one week and then a week or two goes by before they get paid again. We don't have a floor or a ceiling. It's the average daily balance, which is just fantastic,” said Fossey.

In addition to personalized saving strategies, Allegius guarantees that there are no hidden fees or expenses to use or maintain an account. Members even get a reimbursement for up to $25 of ATM fees at any ATM. 

“That's why our checking account is so great. There's no hidden fees and no hidden costs. We're not trying to sneak anything in. It's a very, very direct benefit to our membership without fees that are involved directly to the account,” said Fossey.

Becoming a member and opening an account is as easy as going in-office or online and filling out an application. Prospective members will know whether or not they are accepted almost immediately. From there, members can open whatever types of checking or savings accounts best fit their needs, as well as apply for loans, including smaller loans that some banks don’t offer.

Every service offered at Allegius is catered to fit the needs of its members.

Allegius works with various blue-collar companies in the Region, and all employees of the partnering companies are eligible to apply, as well as family members and members of the Independent Cat Society.

“We are a family-based credit union as well. We're talking about three sometimes four generations of steelworkers and industrial workers that are members here. Family is important to us,” said Fossey.

The dedication to helping blue-collar workers and their families is what makes Allegius truly flourish. Even the location of each office was chosen with consideration for its customers, and its hours of operation are catered to steelworkers and other industrial workers’ schedules.

“Our employees understand where these people work. They're hard-working people. For example, the steelworkers across the street, our main office is literally right across from the mill. Before they go to work or after they go to work, we are there for them,” said Fossey.

Currently, members of Allegius can refer family members and earn up to $150. Allegius will pay the $5 minimum deposit into new members’ accounts for those that sign up through a referral. New members that open a Kasasa Cash Back checking account can receive $250 deposit into their account if it was opened due to a referral. See for more details. Those that qualify are encouraged to take advantage of this hassle-less promotion.

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