Air One Custom Photography Celebrating 18th Birthday with Special Discount

By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: April 12, 2013

airone1818 years ago, a kid had a dream of flying and taking photographs. 18 years later, we're happy to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Air One Custom Photography!

We're so happy that owner Brad Cavanaugh's talents have given him the opportunity to run a business doing what he loves, and we're happy to share this cool nostalgic promotion around 18, with Air One's book being 18% off to celebrate the occasion.

"Northwest Indaina - A Different View" is an awesome book that tells the story of Northwest from above. The book is full of great photos of your favorite scenes and places around the region from high above, through photography taken on a plane or helicopter.

Come into gallery in downtown Valpo and check it out, or check out more of what they are doing through their website and on Facebook!

Happy 18th Birthday Air One!