Aesthetic services available at Midwest Express Clinic

Aesthetic services available at Midwest Express Clinic

Midwest Express Clinic (MEC) is offering botox and other aesthetic services at multiple locations throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, making it easier than ever to get a consultation and procedure performed at your earliest convenience.

The services were brought to the clinics a few years ago through Head Nurse Practitioner for Aesthetic Services Kaitlyn Steinberg, MSN, FNP-C, who has professionally practiced in the field for over four years. After the program took a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Steinberg and the rest of the aesthetics staff are now ready to get back to action to help patients both look good and feel good on the inside.

Currently, five MEC locations offer aesthetic services: Schererville, Ind.; Bourbonnais, Ill.; River North, Ill.; Willowbrook, Ill.; and Skokie, Ill. Additionally, the number of MEC clinics offering the procedures is expected to quickly grow in the near future as they plan to expand to other locations soon.

Anesthetics special is currently running at MEC offering $10 per unit at the first visit, making now the perfect opportunity to stop by for a consultation at a great price.

This special extends to the follow-up appointment and extras the patient wants added in at that point in time. After that, they can still get adjustments made for a still low price of just $12 per unit.

“It's a very, very good starting point for anyone, even for people who've been into botox for many years now. It's a great starting point, price point-wise,” said MEC Nurse Practitioner Anna Ricobene. 

No matter the type of aesthetic procedure, every step along the way is personalized to each individual patient to make sure they’re always getting the results they want.

“We sit down with each patient, and each patient is going to have certain needs and mindsets. Everyone's different, so we sit down with them and focus on what they would like to see what their goals are,” Ricobene said. “Then we break it down to what we can do and what the expectations can be. We come up with a plan together with our patients so that way it's put into their hands - how they want to go about the process.”

Once the consultation is complete, the procedure itself is then the next step.

“The process itself for botox is pretty simple. It's a small injection, so it's nothing that's extremely painful by any means. But there are things that we can do to help if patients are afraid of needles or if they have low pain tolerance,” Ricobene said. “So the process itself could take anywhere from just a minute or two to 10 minutes.”

Patients then have a follow-up appointment two weeks after the procedure to see how everything is progressing and if more needs to be done to get the results the patient is after.

“We can always add to the procedure at that point in time. We always try to take before and after pictures so we can see at the initial consultation to where we're at afterward,” Ricobene said. “Then, if we still aren't where the patient wants to be, we have those after pictures to say, ‘Okay, this is where we were at, and this is where we're at now.’ We'll consult with those patients again and say ‘this is what we can do and this is realistically what botox can do for them with another couple of units or so.’”

Since MEC is a medical clinic rather than just a med spa, they can address a variety of aesthetic services such as vitamin B-12 injections, dry skin, and hair loss. During a Botox treatment, other issues patients may have can also be addressed, such as issues struggling with weight loss or weight gain.