Advanced Dental Concepts offers Halloween Candy Buy Back event

Advanced Dental Concepts offers Halloween Candy Buy Back event
By: Sarah DeMars Last Updated: October 31, 2019

Advanced Dental Concepts offers $1 per pound for un-opened candy during their Halloween Candy Buy Back event (up to $5) along with peace of mind for their parents knowing that their children won’t be coating their teeth in sugar all month. The candy received will be donated to the troops at Operation Gratitude. Children can also create cards to send to overseas troops at the event as well. 

The event takes place from 4-6 p.m., Nov. 1, at the Advanced Dental Concepts Portage office, 3410 Willowcreek Road, Portage.

Hayes believes that the connection between National Hygienists Month and Halloween is a good thing, in fact. 

“Bringing dental hygiene information to the forefront of the community during the time when everyone wants to eat candy - it’s a good thing,” Hayes said. “One thing I think people should know about eating candy is that grazing is one of the worst things you can do. You’re recoating your teeth with sugar every time.”

This caring mindset isn’t an anomaly among the staff at Advanced Dental Concepts. The hygienists are passionate about their jobs and public health, and they appreciate a whole month dedicated to recognizing the personalized work that they do. 

Allison Papp, Marleen Tirado, Kristina Soderquist, and Jaime Leonard are just a few of the hygienists at Advanced Dental Concepts working to promote good mouth and dental hygiene.

“I normally tell people that I’m the one you spend the most time with,” Papp said. “The one who might sit you down, go over your dental history, gives you your cleaning. Yeah, that’s me.” 

“Being a hygienist is a preventative occupation,” Tirado said. “We do the extractions and deep cleaning, we teach you how to brush your teeth, floss better, prevent gingivitis, decay, that sort of thing.”

Dental hygienists at Advanced Dental Concepts get to know their patients well, which helps them help patients have the healthiest teeth and mouths.

“We understand that the trusting relationship begins with us. We’re usually the first ones you see when you come into the office,” Leonard said. 

Keeping in mind that an estimated 75 percent of adults have a fear of going to the dentist, the hygienists at Advanced Dental Solutions focus on creating that calming, trusting relationship with patients.

“I’ve had multiple experiences where people do get emotional, start crying, or open up about personal things happening in their life,” Soderquist said. “It is a personal thing, I understand. I’m often inside their mouth! But just being caring in those situations is so, so important.” 

“The personal relationships that I’ve made since I started working here, they’re my favorite part of the job,” Leonard said. “When a patient comes in and it’s someone you know - I want to know about their job and their kids, how was your last vacation, how was your weekend? And then I’m surprised because they want to know how I’m doing - all because they know me. It’s sweet.” 

Helping prevent dental problems is a huge part of whole-body health because problematic oral health can lead to bigger health issues down the line. There is a connection between poor oral health and heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and more. 

“That’s just the thing about our job, we help your whole body stay healthy,” Leonard said. “And if you can’t say your mouth is healthy, how can you say that the rest of your body is healthy?” 

You can learn more about the team at Advanced Dental Concepts and the Halloween Candy Buy Back Event at their website at .