Advanced Dental Concepts highlights products that greatly enhance your daily oral hygiene routine

Advanced Dental Concepts highlights products that greatly enhance your daily oral hygiene routine

Regular visits to the dentist are an essential part of maintaining good dental health, but even more important are the daily oral hygiene habits that build the foundation for your health, wellness, and smile. 

Everyone is familiar with the basics: brush and floss at least twice daily. However, there are a number of products that can enhance that routine or make it even more convenient. The hygienists at Advanced Dental Concepts offered some of their suggestions for the top products that anyone can buy over-the-counter, online, or right at their office during an appointment. 

Electric toothbrushes 

Brushing is the most basic part of any daily oral hygiene routine, and upgrading to an electric toothbrush dramatically improves the quality of the cleaning and, therefore, your overall oral health. 

“With the rotation and vibrating force of an electric brush, it just does such a better job than a regular toothbrush,” said Jamie Leonard, Dental Hygienist at Advanced Dental Concepts. “We notice a big difference in patients who are using an electric brush. At this point, we recommend one to just about every single one of our patients, because they’re all going to feel cleaner for longer after their appointments if they’re using one.” 

More specifically, the hygienists at Advanced Dental Concepts recommend Oral-B electric brushes. Their brushes have a wide number of features, such as phone app connectivity that can tell you when you are applying too much or too little pressure. 

“Once you have a good electric toothbrush, everything else is addressing each person’s individual needs,” said Allison Papp, Dental Hygienist at Advanced Dental Concepts. “It’s that simple, no need to overcomplicate it.” 

Water flossers 

Water flossers are small machines that can fit on your bathroom sink and spray out blasts of pressurized water along your gums and between your teeth. For people who hate flossing by hand with traditional nylon strings, these water flossers are a fantastic alternative or supplement. 

“Patients struggle so much with regular flossing; they grow to dread it,” said Papp. “Particularly for patients with implants, braces, or gum disease, water flossers such as the WaterPik brand of products are incredibly useful for their situations.” 

WaterPik offers a number of different flossers to meet your various needs, such as for travelling or accounting for sensitive gums. 

Tooth whiteners 

Modern teeth whitening kits come in all kinds of forms from simple strips to trays filled with specially formulated gels. Regular use can whiten teeth by a number of shades, even for frequent coffee drinkers. 

“The nice thing about some of these trays is that they include potassium nitrate and fluoride in them,” said Leonard. “So they’ll whiten your teeth, but the potassium nitrate will help with sensitivity while the fluoride strengthens your teeth.” 

Specialized paste 

Advanced Dental Concepts offers a number of unique toothpaste options to accommodate patients with unique dental needs. PreviDent, for example, uses four times more fluoride than traditional tooth paste. 

“It’s fantastic for patients with a lot of cavities, braces, or dental work like crowns and bridges,” said Papp. “It really strengthens their teeth.” 

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