Advanced Dental Concepts gives presentation for Children’s Dental Health Month

Advanced Dental Concepts gives presentation for Children’s Dental Health Month

The importance of maintaining dental health is something that everyone should learn at a very young age. With February being Children’s Dental Health Month, Allison Papp of Advanced Dental Concepts did a presentation at Teddy Bear Preschool in Winfield to emphasize the significance of teaching children how important brushing and flossing are.

“We’ve been doing these presentations for about 10 years,” Papp said. “I love interacting with the kids. They’re all so smart and love participating.”

Papp’s presentation included a flossing demonstration with a set of teeth constructed from egg cartons and demonstrating proper brushing techniques with a monkey puppet with oversized chompers. The presentations took a couple of months to prepare, and Papp also prepared bags of goodies for the kids to enjoy when they got home.

“We start preparing for the presentations about a month or two before February,” Papp said. “We prepare to talk to the kids about dental hygiene by making our presentations fun! We show them a lot of the instruments, masks, and gloves and we even show them an X-ray. We use dental props that demonstrate brushing, flossing, and healthy foods for the teeth. We make the presentation easy to understand by keeping the presentation geared toward their age level. For younger children, we keep presentations fun and simple. We even have a monkey puppet that we brush, and he spits.”

The enjoyment Papp gets from giving the presentations is a result of her positively influencing children to form healthy habits.

“The thing I enjoy most about doing dental presentations is helping so many children understand the importance of taking care of their teeth,” Papp said. “It feels good to make a positive impact and teach these good habits at a young age. I wish someone came to my school and showed me how to floss when I was younger.”

Papp, who has been a dental hygienist for over 20 years has helped hundreds of people maintain a beautiful smile and clean pearly whites.

“I became interested in dental hygiene by helping out a dentist as an after-school job when I was in high school,” Papp said. “After working with the hygienist at that office, I became inspired to follow in her footsteps and pursue a career in dental hygiene. I love seeing people walk out with smiles on their faces.”

The most important takeaway from the presentation is to make sure you or your child has regularly scheduled checkups with the dentist. The dentist is not a scary place, and Papp emphasized this in her presentation.

“Regular dental checkups are so important to maintaining a healthy smile,” Papp said. “We stress this in our presentations, and we go over how much fun a visit is at the dentist so when children go to the dentist, they feel more comfortable and know what to expect at a checkup.”

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