Addison Pointe March Employee of the Month: Cheryl Bilyak

By: Addison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation Center Last Updated: May 15, 2019

Addison-Pointe-March-Employee-of-the-Month-Cheryl-BilyakCheryl Bilyak, a registered nurse, has been recognized as the Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center March 2019 Employee of the Month. Bilyak has worked at Addison Pointe for a year, and says she loves the atmosphere.

“I feel blessed to work for an organization that truly care for their employees,” she said.

Bilyak credits the residents at Addison Pointe with always putting a smile on her face. Her coworkers say the same about Bilyak herself.

“Cheryl plays a vital role in my department and is always filled with positivity,” said Whitney Berry, Director of Nursing at Addison Pointe.

Bilyak has been married for 25 wonderful years. When she is not working at Addison Pointe, she enjoys reading and watching TV, and spending time with her two daughters, Nicole, 18, and Samantha, 15.