A Thomas Kia Employee Spotlight: Nick Walker

A Thomas Kia Employee Spotlight: Nick Walker

If you are talking about exceptional customer service and cars in the same sentence, you ought to be sure you mention Nick Walker, a member of the sales team at Thomas Kia of Highland. Walker prioritizes customer care like no other, even at the beginning of his time at Thomas Kia.

“I started almost three years back. I was actually a porter for the dealership,” he said. “Then, about six or seven months later, I was promoted to sales.”

Now, with almost two years of experience in the sales position, Walker has perfected his duty on the showroom floor.

“My responsibilities are, of course, to make sure we fulfill all of our customers' needs as far as making sure their vehicles are taken care of.”

Working with incoming customers has become the highlight of Walker’s job.

“My favorite part is interacting with the customers,” he said. “The end goal is getting them a vehicle that they want and need that is also in their budget. I love when I am able to accomplish getting a customer the right vehicle for them.”

This goal-oriented mindset is something that Walker shares with his workplace.

“Here at Thomas Kia of Highland, we try our best to exceed every goal within ourselves, our facility, as well as our customers. We listen to all of our customers. We don’t turn anyone down.”

Walker has learned a plethora of valuable lessons since he began at Thomas Kia of Highland. 

“I’ve learned much more about partnership and working with a team through my experience in sales and customer service. I’ve learned so much, it’s kind of hard to say.”

He noted that the lessons never stop.

“There is something new to learn every day, and honestly, that’s what I love about it,” he said.

When he’s not accommodating customers at Thomas Kia of Highland, Walker is spending time with his siblings, going for a jog, and exploring new eateries around the area.

“If I was at work, my favorite burger stop would be Miner-Dunn. They have the best burgers in town! Or you will always catch me at McAlister’s Deli getting a really good salad.”

Walker is always looking to be the best version of himself and he encourages others to do the same.

“No matter how good you think you are, you should always plan to do better.”

To learn more about Thomas Kia of Highland, visit https://www.thomaskia.com.