A Secure Dental Employee Spotlight: Dr. Alex Shore

A Secure Dental Employee Spotlight: Dr. Alex Shore
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: December 7, 2019

There aren’t many cases where people can say they found their true career passion as early as high school. But for Dr. Alex Shore, DDS, this light bulb moment was a reality.

Shore has been with Secure Dental for just about four months, and his passion for dentistry surfaced as a result of his own smile transformation.

“Growing up, I didn’t smile a whole lot. As a teenager, I didn’t have great teeth, but when I got my braces off, my self-esteem shot up and I felt like a whole new me,” Shore said. “Better teeth transformed me into a better version of myself.”

After getting his braces off, Shore was shocked at the progress his smile had made.

“The moment I saw my before and after pictures after braces, I knew I wanted to be a dentist. I remember that day at school. I went home knowing what I wanted to do, and I never second-guessed it,” he said. “I wanted people to have the same experience I had –to be happy with their smile and live their lives with a smile.”

Growing up with an artistic father – who is a photographer – Shore has always been interested in artistic expression.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for art, and when I saw those before and after pictures, I realized that dentistry really is an art form. It’s a mixture of art and science.”

Shore was also inspired by his own dental providers throughout his life.

“I’ve had a great experience with all dental care growing up, and that’s because of my providers. They taught me that being involved and sort of becoming part of a patient’s family is just as important as the care itself. The ability to positively impact someone’s life is what I want to accomplish,” Shore said.

Day-to-day, Dr. Shore cares for patients by providing annual exams, cavity fillings, extractions, cleanings, and more. His favorite part about his work at Secure Dental is interacting with his patients.

“I love being around people every day and having the ability to make someone’s day a little bit better through how they feel about their smile,” Shore said. “That’s really what gets me up and out of bed every day.”

Shore’s focus when treating patients is their individual smile goals.

“I always ask what I can do for them. I like to focus on their goals more than anything. It’s not about what I recommend for them, it’s more about how I can help them get to where they want to be the best way I can.”

He achieves those goals by starting at the root.

“I ask them, ‘when you walk out of our doors on your last appointment, how would you be able to say that you got everything you wanted?’” Shore said. “I make it so their goals and mine are in sync with each other so we can get to that point.”

Shore feels as though he found his perfect career home at Secure Dental.

“Dr. Liu and Dr. Jafri are very charitable and honest people. They make a point to give a lot to the community, and they are very ethically-based,” Shore said. “Secure Dental is all about the patient. We always put patients first, and this is how I approach my daily work as well.”

Shore is originally from Michigan and took the leap to relocate for Secure Dental because of how well his own values aligned with the company’s.

“I was so drawn to Secure Dental because of their values. They’re focused on bettering the community, growing their doctors, and becoming part of patients’ lives. It’s a great, supportive group and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

In his free time, Shore enjoys cooking, exercising, and spending time with his friends and family.

Looking forward, Shore sees only growth.

“I’m looking forward to being part of an office that’s growing and making an impact on those who need care,” Shore said. “I already feel very much a part of the team and I’ve grown so much professionally over the past few months. I’m learning, growing, and getting mentored daily, and that’s something I was really looking for beginning my dental career.”

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