A Rhame, Elwood & McClure Employee Spotlight Update: Scott McClure

A Rhame, Elwood & McClure Employee Spotlight Update: Scott McClure
By: Sarah Corn Last Updated: October 8, 2019

When last we spoke with Rhame, Elwood, & McClure’s newest partner Attorney Scott McClure, he had just ascended to his latest position with the firm. Then, just over a year earlier, McClure had taken on the responsibilities as Porter County Attorney.

We checked in with McClure to find out how he is enjoying his new positions. Both, he said, come with their own set of rewards and hurdles.

"Being part of a team that is attempting to make a positive change for county government is exciting and challenging because you're dealing with a breadth of issues," he said. "I enjoy governmental work. I enjoy having a positive influence on local government and providing service to the elected officials to help them realize their vision." 

During his tenure with the Porter County Commissioners office, McClure has focused much of his effort on the major capital improvement projects around the state— remodeling the Porter County Expo Center, restoring and updating the Valparaiso Courthouse, expanding the Portage Courthouse, and remodeling the old Valpo Jail building at 157 Franklin to house government services.

“We have been dealing with everything from the architectural design to the bidding and awarding of construction contracts, all while supervising the day-to-day progress of the projects,” McClure said.

“It’s rewarding to have a commissioner team, along with a county council, that all seem to be heading in a positive direction, looking for that positive change that affects the most amount of taxpayers," he continued.

McClure said he is proud of what they have accomplished so far.

"I'm also very proud of what the commissioners and the council have done for the employees' health insurance, controlling and reducing costs while maintaining the same level of support," he said. 

At the law firm that now bears his name in part, the Portage-based attorney has been working hard to learn the ins-and-outs of sharing the managerial responsibilities with his partners alongside his regular caseload.

"I have been lucky to be surrounded by lawyers who have mentored me and helped me understand how to become a successful attorney,” McClure said. “I have been blessed that way."

As he begins to slide away from being the mentee and more into the mentor role, he has started thinking about what kind of advice he would pass along to young attorneys just starting out in the field.

"Don't be afraid of hard work— there are rewards. There's a lot to learn in the profession but there are a lot of lawyers out there who are willing to give advice and help,” he said.

McClure’s life isn’t all legal proceedings and firm management. He is really looking forward to transitioning into holiday mode in November when he shifts his business focus to the family Christmas tree farm outside of La Porte. 

It's a family affair. His parents, sister, nephews and his son all come together to work the lot every day during the season.

"It's the opposite of law work— it's physical labor, it's the outdoors, it's nature. All of those things are difficult to get here," he said. "It's fun."

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