A Rhame, Elwood & McClure Employee Spotlight: Attorney Nathaniel Henson

A Rhame, Elwood & McClure Employee Spotlight: Attorney Nathaniel Henson

From criminal law, to business contracts, and personal-injury litigation, Attorney Nathaniel Henson has covered a lot of legal ground throughout his 15 years of experience. 

"My experience mirrors Rhame, Elwood & McClure because we're so diversified," Henson said. "I'm not afraid to tackle a new area of law."

The core of his practice, no matter the case, always centers around its impact on those directly, and indirectly, involved in the results.

"I came from a background of community service,” he said. “That's always been important to me. It’s why I went to law school."

His interest in the field stemmed from his time working as a Bloomington police officer, while studying as an undergraduate at Indiana University, Bloomington. After earning his law degree, also from IU, he clerked for former Chief Federal District Court Judge, Charles P. Kocoras of the Northern District of Illinois.

“It was an invaluable experience because I got to see the law and how it is applied from a very high level," Henson said.

Knowing he eventually wanted to be a litigator, he shifted his focus in the government towards prosecution. At first, he served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Elkhart County before being invited to join the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Henson enjoyed working on high-profile cases connected to legacy rulings. One effort in particular descended from the historic Brown v. The Board of Education decision that outlawed school segregation.

"It was interesting to work on such a significant portion of the law," he said.

Four years ago, when Rhame, Elwood & McClure’s Founding Partner Kenneth B. Elwood offered Henson the opportunity to return to his hometown of Portage, Ind., and serve those he grew up with, he jumped at the chance.

Since then, he’s worked hard to reforge local connections and expand his skills. Practicing with a smaller firm that affords him those opportunities has been very satisfying. 

"The main thing I like about my job is developing relationships with my clients— helping people with what they're trying to do and being involved in the community," Henson said.

"A win for me is when my client gives me a hug,” he continued. “I know that I’ve made a significant difference in their life."

To the young attorneys out there just getting started, Henson’s advice is simple: be patient.

"You get out of law school and you think you're gonna own the world, and you can, but it takes time," he said. "You gotta enjoy that process. You're still learning and there's only so much you can get from a book."

In addition to practicing law, Henson loves spending time with his wife and sharing his favorite Portage haunts with his three children, ages 11, 7, and 5. 

"My biggest success, and I couldn't think of anything bigger than this, was having my family and seeing them flourish," he said.

For more information about Attorney Nathaniel Henson’s practice and other legal services provided by Rhame, Elwood & McClure, please visit www.rhameandelwood.com.