A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Taylor Burhans

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Taylor Burhans

With over 14 years of athletic experience, Taylor Burhans has always had a passion for sports. However, the sports industry involves many different lines of work, from being on the field to managing it, and everything in between. It wasn’t until she realized her love for the science behind sports that steered her into the job she has now – being a sports coordinator at the Portage YMCA.

“I've known for a long time that I've wanted to do something involving sports and health. I didn't quite know what until I got to college. I was thinking more about the sports management side but I determined that I really liked the science side of things. So from there, I went forward with a B.S. in health and kinesiology and a minor in psychology, as well. I also got a certificate in entrepreneurship,” Burhans said.

Although her adoration of athletics had been present in her life for years, Burhans didn’t know what she wanted to do with her degree, and in turn her career. She now wears the hats of many roles at the YMCA, and plans on furthering her education in the future.

“I’m still planning on getting my masters at some point, but I'm just not really sure if I want to go more towards the business side or continue with the science side of it. I went into college knowing that I loved coaching and I loved working with kids. This job landed in my lap and in the most unique way possible. I didn't ever think that I would want to sit here and work at a YMCA for the rest of my life, but it's a great place to grow and offers many leadership positions,” Burhans said.

As a sports coordinator, Burhans spends much of her time planning out how YMCA sports programs will look in the upcoming months, as well as breaking down their budgets. Along with this role, she is also a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

“This job is a lot of emailing parents and getting out information about all of our sports, and making sure that we're attracting kids into our facility. I'm also on the coaching side of it too, so if I want to coach, I can coach. Right now I am coaching the track team and the gymnastics team. I also do corporate calls, and we will sometimes go to these different corporations, and have a luncheon or a yoga class for them. We have general fitness checks, but then I also have my own personal clients,” Burhans said.

From behind the desk work to hands-on training and coaching, Burhans, needless to say, spends much of her time at the YMCA. However, the people she works with and the community members that come through the doors everyday keep her motivated and inspired.

“It's not just sitting here working all the time. It's getting to know my community, and just knowing that me smiling to somebody and saying good morning impacts their day in a positive way. It's really awesome to see all these people coming here and just trying to better themselves, whether it be to come and socialize for a little or come in at four o'clock in the morning to exercise before they head off to work. It just keeps me moving,” Burhans said.