A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Noland Belt

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Noland Belt
By: Matthew Rasnic Last Updated: February 10, 2016

This week’s life in the spotlight, Portage High School senior Noland Belt, is able to combine two of his passions into his job. Belt was given an opportunity to take over a program at the Portage Township YMCA called the “We Lego Club,” this position allows him to share his love for Legos and helping others.

“We teach Lego robotics using the computers to bring to life what we build with Legos,” Belt said.

Belt’s interest in Legos began at a young age and he has enjoyed them ever since.

“I’ve had a passion for Legos since I was really young, when I was four years old I started playing with blocks a lot and blocks eventually turned into Legos,” Belt said.

Leading the “We Lego Club” has given Belt a chance to construct even more elaborate projects.

“The past four years I have tried taking Legos and building stuff outside of the books,” Belt said. “We [the We Lego Club] are going to be building a super crane that averages about three feet tall.”

Belt’s influences go much farther than just the “We Lego Club”, as he is heavily involved at Portage High School as Vice President of National Honor Society, President of Recycling Club, drummer for the Pep Band, Section Leader for the marching band, a member of the wind ensemble and he has recently earned a spot in the State Honor Band.

Being involved in these many activities has given Belt a chance to improve on his skills.

“It has been cool to see it build my leadership skills and my knowledge,” Belt said.

Belt believes strongly that the activities you are involved in help shape who you are.

“I’ve learned that the most important thing is to be yourself,” Belt said, “In this day in age people forget that being yourself is who people want you to be.”

When asked about what has been one of his most memorable moments in all of his activities, Belt could not pinpoint a single moment.

“It’s not the big moments, it’s all the little moments that lead up to it,” Belt said.

As Belt wraps up his senior year at PHS he is looking to stay home and attend either Purdue Calumet or Purdue North Central to study some type of management.

“I have a love and passion for Walt Disney World and I would love to go into some type of management there,” Belt said. “I’d love to be a part of something where I can make a difference in people's days and help out others.”