A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Max Gill

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Max Gill
By: Colleen Hannon Last Updated: August 17, 2016

As of July 20, Portage High School has a new Principal roaming the halls, Mr. Max Gill. However, Gill is no stranger to these halls. He was the school’s Assistant Principal last year and has a 4 year streak as a school Administrator.

Gill began his teaching career at the age of 45 after running a private art dealing business that his family owned for many years.

“I always kind of felt unfulfilled,” said Gill. “[Teaching] was something I always wanted to do.”

Gill had previously attended Northern Illinois University before becoming an Art Dealer. Wanting to begin his teaching career he went Calumet College of St. Joseph. It was better late than never for him.

During his time working as an Art Dealer, Gill says the job helped build the leadership skills needed for teaching and administrative work. “It gave me an understanding on how to work with people.”

Gill lives in Portage with his wife Sarah, who is a Jones Elementary School teacher, and three of his five children, two of which attend Kyle Elementary. 

“Portage is a great place to send your kids. I’ve chosen Portage to be my home and I’m proud to send my kids here.” said Gill.

This year, the school will also have three new Assistant Principals too. Gill says that this Wednesday, the first day of school for Portage, they will put on an introduction video for the students in the morning to introduce themselves and talk about what they have planned for the year.

With four years of experience at Portage High School already, Gill says he has a very strong understanding of the Portage way and the workings of the building.

“I have a lot to learn as principal, but I do have a good feeling about this building and I know all about it, the people here and the students here.”

Gill calls Portage High School the “flagship of Portage Township schools. He says that the community looks toward the high school. The school has been an “A” school for years and the teachers work hard for the success of the students.

“I’m proud I have the opportunity to lead this school and work hard to keep it as the success that it is.”