A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Leslee Kretz

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Leslee Kretz

This year at Portage High School (PHS), Teacher Leslee Kretz has made her mark by educating students on all aspects of Biology for 25 years. At PHS, Kretz is an administrator for the school’s new book club and the sponsor of the freshman class. Kretz decided that being an educator of Biology was for her due to her passions for nature, science, and education. 

“I love extracting DNA from a fruit Lab. It is so cool to see how simple DNA looks,” said Kretz 

Throughout her day, Kretz teaches Advanced Placement (AP) Biology, Advanced Biology, and Medical Interventions. When picking a favorite class of the day, Kretz’s mind goes to all of them because each of her classes fulfills her with pride, love, and sometimes great challenges. To Kretz the best part about being an educator is always being in a young adult atmosphere, being able to have a summer break, and being able to have great connections with her fellow educators. 

Before coming to PHS, Kretz taught health for one year in Wisconsin: where she was born and raised. But she decided coming to Portage was the right choice for her and her family. In Kretz’s opinion, she defines being an educator as an amazing cheerleader. 

“Being an educator means encouraging and supporting students to be successful in whatever ways I can,” Kretz said. 

Since Kretz could remember, she’s always had a passion for Biology, but just as equally one for educating. Her reasoning behind the two passions is that she’s always had a fond admiration for nature and seeing children succeed. In consideration of her admiration for science, Kretz knows it’s due to the intriguing process of investigating lakes and oceans. And the most interesting part of Biology to her is Ebola due to its never-ending patterns. 

Since Kretz has taught at PHS for a while, she knows that her best moments of teaching have come from past students coming back to PHS to tell their success stories. Kretz is one of the most enthusiastic and encouraging educators, making every moment a student talks with her amazing. 

Aside from her educational career, she spends her weekends, holidays, and summer breaks enjoying nature in every way possible. One of her favorite ways to enjoy nature is by camping. Kretz's favorite place to set up and camp is in Weko Beach Michigan. She finds the Michigan location to be superior to all others because it’s right on Lake Michigan and within walking distance, there is a homey and cute downtown area. 

“I can completely relax when I’m outdoors. It is hard to explain but I don’t have a care in the world when I’m camping,” said Kretz

When Kretz is not in the school building or the camping tent, she spends her time cooking and spending time with her family. One of Kretz’s family members attends PHS and she is so thrilled by her attendance. 

“I love that my daughter goes to my school. It’s so cool to see her grow right before my eyes,” Kretz said.