A Portage Life in the Spotlight: David Ondrovich

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: David Ondrovich
By: Kelly Hunt Last Updated: May 24, 2017


From happy childhood memories of the old Grand Prix Jamboree to excitement for the new amphitheater at Founder’s Square, David Ondrovich boasts a long, fond relationship with the City of Portage. 

In 1981 his father, Richard Ondrovich, started Ondrovich & Associates P.C., a full-service accounting firm on Willowcreek Road in Portage. While Ondrovich never intended to go into business with his father, a summer internship at the firm resulted in a change of heart. His educational path turned from the architecture courses he had been taking to business classes, eventually becoming a Certified Public Accountant in 2006.

Ondrovich’s deep ties to the area began in Valparaiso where he graduated from high school. He remained close to the area, attending college at Purdue Northwest. When he began his career at Ondrovich & Associates it only made sense for him and his wife to settle down in Portage. 

His three children attend Portage Township Schools and when they have some family time, they love to walk the Portage Lakefront. 

However, that free time has not been plentiful lately for the family, as Ondrovich just finished up his busiest season: tax season!

Easily working six days a week from the beginning of the year to mid-April, the firm has been working away, meeting deadlines and looking forward to May.

“No spring breaks for me,” he chuckled. The staff of his father — who David described as ‘quasi-retired,’ another CPA, an accountant, and office manager appreciate an annual four-day weekend once tax season ends. 

“We shut the office down for a few days,” he joked. “There might be mutiny if we didn’t!”

In addition to his work at Ondrovich & Associates, Ondrovich purchased a tax accountant seminar company offering continuing education to other CPAs in the region in 2014. Their annual seminar sees 100 to 135 attendees and Ondrovich hopes to expand the business even more.

Still, as busy as Ondrovich is, he’s an active member of the Dunes Lodge as well as the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce. He was elected to the chamber board in 2016 and besides general volunteering, he helps out by doing what he knows best: bookkeeping and providing support to the finance committee. He particularly enjoys the monthly Rise, Shine and Share Portage chamber meetings where members have a chance to share ideas, business strategies and announcements, and to exchange business referrals.

Recent projects, like the splash pad at Founder’s Square, have Ondrovich enthusiastic about the future of Portage. 

“Everything is just starting to click in the community,” Ondrovich said. “Portage has a lot of untapped potential and now the pieces are coming together.”

This summer Ondrovich and his family hope to find time to enjoy their favorite pastimes such as hiking, playing sports, camping and taking advantage of all the things the area has to offer, old and new.

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