A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Brenda Charron

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Brenda Charron
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: September 12, 2018

One of the best ways to positively impact the community is by leading the future generations and acting as a constant role model to people of all ages. Brenda Charron does all of this and more; as a Scout Leader, Little League Coach, and Track Coach, Charron works directly with young citizens of Northwest Indiana, and she does most of it on a volunteer basis.

Charron is a Northwest Indiana native, having grown up in South Haven and attended Portage High School and Ivy Tech for her college education. She works at Action Plumbing, but her soul-feeding work takes place outside of her office hours. After years of practice, she’s no stranger to the work she does as a youth leader.

“I have been a Boy Scout leader for over 10 years, a Girl Scout leader for over 12 years, and a member of the South Haven Little League for over 13 years,” Charron said.

With this wealth of experience, Charron doesn’t see herself stopping any time soon.

“Down the line, I continue to see myself as an individual continuing the tradition of leading and directing the youth of South Haven,” Charron said.

We won’t try to dissuade her; anyone who loves working with youths as much as Charron clearly does is already in the right frame of mind to do an excellent job leading and ushering them into their own future leadership roles. Charron particularly prides herself on empowering young women.

“It is so important to shape the girls of today for tomorrow, making them strong, confident, and fearless,” Charron said. “I become an example of being another outlet for the youth of the community to draw from, to be able to use as an example and hopefully bring joy to those who I encounter.”

Charron sees the significance of volunteering as a ripple effect within the community beyond the younger set.

“It is important to give back not just to your community, but in general, as it helps those who might not ask for help, helps improve spirits of the community, and creates a unity feeling of not being alone,” Charron said.

When it comes to those who have influenced and inspired her, Charron put aside false modesty to acknowledge that finding her own inner strength is a huge motivator.

“I feel I was my own major influence, as a single mom and wanting to be able to provide for my children,” Charron said. “For them not to feel ‘less’ for only having me, it was an eye opener.”

When it comes to continued motivation and how she got to be the strong person she is today, Charron’s answer was simple: “Hard work and not giving up.”

Charron also credits her children and her best friend for making her life sweeter.

“I have to thank my best friend Bev for joining me on this crazy journey and making it more,” Charron said. “And my kids for dreaming more than I did, for themselves.”

Charron believes in the power of volunteering and working together to make the community stronger, and she encourages everyone to get in touch with their point of place.

“People should know their community and what is needed to continue to make it a strong community, a prosperous community, a family-oriented community,” Charron said. “Communities should work together to improve the whole community.”