A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Amy Armstrong

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Amy Armstrong
By: Taylor Bundren Last Updated: June 12, 2019

Amy Armstrong has a huge heart for serving the Portage community. She loves spending time with people and organizing events in Portage.

Armstrong works as an administrative assistant at the Portage Chamber of Commerce and also works for Portage Parks and Recreation, where she plans and organizes events. She also enjoys organizing community events in her free time.

“I’m very big into the community and I’m very big into Portage.”

Armstrong has grown up in Portage her whole life and enjoys living in this community with her husband and two children. She also is an active member of City Point Church, where she leads worship and sings on Sunday mornings. She and her husband started attending City Point Church around 14 years ago.

Armstrong said that around eight years ago, a member from her church had the idea to host the first ever Bacon Fest in Portage. Armstrong took over organizing and planning the event five years ago and looks forward to it each year.

“It’s just kind of grown into this huge festival and it’s right there located downtown.”

City Point Church sponsors Bacon Fest, which is an all-day event centered around bacon.

“When I started doing Bacon Fest, I was like, ‘Man, I really want to do this for a living.’ I could really see myself doing more events and programs and stuff for the city of Portage,” she said.

She organizes many events through the Parks and Recreation Department, including the events in Founders Square. She is most looking forward the Market on the Square and Bacon Fest. The Market on the Square will take place on Fridays in June, July, and August in Founders Square featuring vendors, food trucks, live music, and family friendly movies. Armstrong is excited to see the community have fun together at the market.

Armstrong also spends her free time organizing Bacon Fest each year with the help from many people from City Point Church.

“I have great team members at City Point, and so we just all come together and put this free festival on in the city to give back to the community,” she said.

Armstrong also is on the board for the Portage Township Education Foundation as the mayor’s liaison. This foundation raises money for teachers to benefit their class environments.

“We raise money so that they can have different programs and things in their class. It’s such a great thing. It’s such a great foundation. I really believe in it,” Armstrong said.

For Armstrong, being active in the Portage community is a huge part of life.

“It’s about giving back to the community -- getting involved in things – and becoming a team member because you have a sense of accomplishment when you’re a part of a team,” she said.

“I just really wanted to focus on how great our city is and how I just feel so blessed to be able to have these jobs where I can give back to the community and use my gift of organizing and putting on events for the city of Portage. I think it’s fantastic that I get to go to work every day and organize events,” Armstrong said.

“I really believe in the city of Portage. I will stand behind this city no matter what. We have such great things that have been added to the city these last seven years. To see how it’s grown in the last seven years is exciting. And to see where Portage is going to be going, that’s exciting also.”