A Midwest Express Clinic Employee Spotlight: Viviana Carbajal

A Midwest Express Clinic Employee Spotlight: Viviana Carbajal

For Viviana Carbajal, a Family Nurse Practitioner at Midwest Express Clinic, her career in the medical field has been about one thing: learning. Carbajal was a float nurse for a few years before receiving her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Northwest and her master’s degree from Olivet Nazarene University. She started her career as a nurse practitioner at Midwest Express Clinic a year and a half ago and looks forward to learning new things every day to provide a grounded presence to her patients.

As a nurse practitioner, Carbajal has more responsibility than she did when she was a float nurse. This is an aspect of her job she is very grateful for, as it gives her the chance to learn new methods and treatments, in turn enabling her to provide the best care to her patients.

“I'm now actually diagnosing and treating patients, versus a nurse who provides that bedside care and relies on the doctors for orders. You’re the one giving the orders and managing the diagnoses of the patient,” said Carbajal.

“I like learning every day,” she continued. “I get to do more procedures now, so it’s a great opportunity to learn and grow.”

However, she still uses that quintessential nurse bedside manner with every patient.

“I think a lot of people are turning to nurse practitioners for care more and more, because we have experience as nurses, so we have that bedside care,” Carbajal said. “We listen to our patients. I recently had a patient tell me that her daughters, who are patients as well, loved coming to me, and hearing that is so rewarding!”

“It’s good to know that you’re positively influencing someone’s experience,” she said. “It makes you feel proud that they’re happy to come to the doctor, instead of being scared.”

Midwest Express Clinic has been a great fit for her in the year and a half she has been with the company. She loves the fast-paced nature of the urgent care clinic and admires the company's focus on listening to not only patients and their feedback, but also to employees when life interrupts.

“We problem-solve well together,” Carbajal said about her team. “We communicate well, and someone is always there to give you a hand if you’re short-staffed, for example. They really look out for that work-life balance and are understanding when life happens.”

“They care about their employees and they care about their patients. If there is something that isn’t working or that patients don’t like, Midwest Express is quick to address it.”

Carbajal uses her own experiences and interests to her advantage in her career. 

When she was 26, Carbajal was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. After going through radiation and treatment for it, she found out a doctor who had performed one of her surgeries had done more than she should have, leaving Carbajal unable to have any more children beyond her young son.

“I went through a depressive state for a while,” Carbajal said. “So, once I went into remission, I decided that I should go and lift weights more, which led me to working out regularly. After meeting people at the gym, they encouraged me to start competing in bodybuilding, so I gave it a shot and then did my first show.”

For the past five years, Carbajal has used her bodybuilding career and workout routines as a way to cope with her depression stemming from post-cancer treatments and difficult childhood. Carbajal, who did not have a relationship with her parents and was raised by her grandparents, felt that life had pushed her in that direction.

“I felt that bodybuilding was my go-to in life,” Carbajal said. “The hard work and what you put on stage is you. It’s not a team sport, it’s something I did, something I accomplished. I made sacrifices, and I put the time in. It’s rewarding in a way. A lot of people have a hard time following the diet and really sticking to it, which is definitely the hardest part: making a lifestyle out of it, rather than just doing it once or twice.”

“To me, it’s the same as being a nurse practitioner,” she continued. “It’s not just going to work from 8-8, and then coming home and forgetting about work. I still have to learn, and I still must stay up to date on treatments and illnesses. It changes every day, and I’m having to learn every day.”

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