A Midwest Express Clinic Employee Spotlight: Dr. Justin Young

A Midwest Express Clinic Employee Spotlight: Dr. Justin Young

From a young age, Staff Physician Dr. Justin Young was interested in the medical field, but it was an experience that stemmed from a high school assignment that sealed the deal for him. 

“We were given an assignment to write about what we thought we’d want to do as an adult profession,” Young said. “Part of the assignment was to reach out to someone in the profession of interest within the community and write a letter asking to interview them in-person. I sent out five or six letters, and only one responded.  He was a vascular surgeon by the name of Thomas Topper, MD.   After that interview, he invited me to tour his office and shadow him at one of the community hospitals.  I was even given the opportunity to watch him perform several surgeries. This tremendous experience further piqued my interest.  Ultimately, Dr. Topper offered me a position to work at his private practice.”

The following summer, Young accepted the physician’s offer and worked as a medical assistant at his private practice.  Although the initial experience in medicine entailed working mainly within the surgical realm at that private practice, Young ultimately decided to choose primary care because he felt that it was his niche and a place where he felt he could have the biggest impact. 

“I feel like primary care gives you more opportunities to connect with the patient. I am not saying that other specialties aren’t able to achieve meaningful connections with their patients; however, I do feel like primary care is more personalized,” Young said. “There’s greater longevity in the physician-patient relationship, which is what I like about medicine, and why I chose to pursue it.”

Young then moved on to take on his current role as a staff physician at Midwest Express Clinic. He enjoys getting to develop those long physician-patient relationships and that the medical issues he handles in this position span a wide range. He also appreciates the comradery among his fellow staff members.

In the last year, Young’s average workday was greatly altered by COVID-19. While the work was tough and long, he feels that the pandemic taught him a few valuable lessons.

“The pandemic has been challenging, and has taught me a lot about myself as a clinician. I have developed an even greater sense of empathy in being directly associated with the challenges numerous individuals are facing with the Covid 19 pandemic." Young said. “I took a step back and realized that even though we’re overwhelmed and busy ourselves, you have to look at it from a patient standpoint. They’re worried and scared, and we have to always keep that in the back of our minds. The patients are looking to us for leadership and guidance, so it’s been a privilege to be able to provide them with reassurance during these unprecedented times.”

When Young is not serving his patients, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outside, and traveling. He lived in Paris for six months as part of a study abroad program and then went back to live there for an additional summer where he was able to gain fluency in the French language. 

“After living in Paris, immersing myself in the culture, and being able to travel to other countries in Europe, my eyes were opened to what’s out there in the world,” Young said. “I developed a greater sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity”  “That’s why I love to travel. Any new place I can experience is definitely a welcomed adventure.”

Young’s time in Paris also gave him a greater appreciation for the culinary arts. He has a friend professionally trained in culinary arts who he said is teaching him a few tricks of the trade, and he enjoys going to Chicago to sample its diverse cuisine. 

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