A Michigan City Favorite Has Returned: The 2018 Snowflake Parade

A Michigan City Favorite Has Returned: The 2018 Snowflake Parade
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: December 9, 2018

A Michigan City favorite has returned! Hundreds of people filled the street waiting to see Old Saint Nick to make his way down Franklin in the Snowflake Parade. Attendees were in for a fun-filled night to celebrate ‘the most wonderful time of the year!'

“It’s an old tradition here in Michigan City for the Santa Claus and Santa’s house which is a replica of the old one from the 60’s and 70’s,” said Fire Chief Randy Novak, of Michigan City Fire Department. “We brought it back and we’re trying to make it as authentic as we can.”

The parade was originally scheduled for last week, December 1st. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, it was rescheduled for December 8th. Today’s chilly temps didn’t keep families away from coming to support of the Snowflake.

Chief Novak said the idea of the Snowflake Parade making a comeback started about four years ago when the fire department was asked to about bringing back this former tradition. The celebration didn’t stop at the streets, local business in the uptown art district were invited to partake in the festivities. Window displays with Christmas decorations matched the evenings theme of excitement.

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“The parade and activities were really fun.” said Mistie Shaw, a Michigan City resident. “My kids LOVED the parade and being able to see Santa.”

Along with a parade filled with kid favorite TV characters and local businesses, spectators were treated for hot chocolate and holiday cookies at the library followed by a chance to sit on Kris Kringle’s lap. Kids were also able to bring their letters to Santa - just in time from them to arrive before Santa’s big day!

“My son’s favorite part was seeing Santa arrive on the firetruck,” said Long Beach resident, Gerta Goings. “My son loves how active the policemen and firemen are so active in the community and the fact they are so supportive of all the kids I think it just amazing for the community.”

​Fire Chief Novak noted how “special for the kids with the parade and getting to meet Santa. The community’s response has been overwhelming. It’s the fire department’s way of giving back.”