A Message to our Customers, Communities and Friends from Horizon Bank

A Message to our Customers, Communities and Friends from Horizon Bank

A Message to our Customers, Communities and Friends,

The last couple of weeks have been extraordinary.  The arrival of COVID-19 to our shores, the effort to reduce its impact through social distancing, the international energy price war and the volatility in the bond and equity markets have impacted our daily lives in ways that we have never anticipated.  While the final outcome has yet to be determined, I am confident in the resiliency of the American people, our local communities and the banking system for the following reasons: 

1. The banking system is the strongest it has been in our Country’s history, as evidenced by the highest capital ratios on record.

2. The Federal Reserve Bank has its vast resources and strong history to alleviate the Nation’s liquidity needs.

3. Horizon Bank has been in operation for 147 years and we have survived in excess of 25 economic calamities, including the great recession and great depression; and three flu pandemics that occurred in 1918, 1957 and 1969.

4. Horizon’s employees are absolutely amazing and continue to step it up to provide solutions to the challenges facing our local communities and to offer comfort and assistance to our customers.

5. The local communities are responding to the needs of our citizens with overwhelming support, including recent examples of free bus service, contributions to the local food banks, providing alternative day care and assisting older adults.

6. The local schools are finding ways to provide meals to our children in need.

7. The state and federal governments are quickly advancing legislation and / or emergency orders to address the needs at hand.

8. Our health care workers and emergency responders are on duty and rising to the challenge to lower the risk and spread of COVID-19.  


Craig M. Dwight
Chairman and CEO