Lubeznik Center for the Arts Welcomes New Exhibition From Pipelines & Borderlines

Lubeznik Center for the Arts Welcomes New Exhibition From Pipelines & Borderlines

Pipelines and Borderlines is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to educating people though art, about the risks and hazards of unsustainable energy use. 

In their educational efforts, Pipelines and Borderlines has produced three print portfolios, curated by artist Beverly Keys of Oak Park, Illinois, that feature artists from the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Central America. Working with a technique in printmaking media called relief, their collaborations juxtapose the global effects of environmental calamities with the environmental justice that can be attained through education.

In their current portfolio entitled, The Art of Survival, this diverse and accomplished group of artists create powerful images depicting stories about lives that have been upended by environmental tragedy. While their works connect us to these issues in a way that statistics cannot, their works also portray inspiring success stories about restoring the planet.

These works are a call to action, one that challenges us to envision new ways of thinking at a grassroots level, where anyone affected by these offenses can begin building empowered communities. The Art of Survival creates significant and accessible art about the impacts on all of us right now caused by our dependence on non-renewable energy. It also teaches us that anyone can make a difference, and everyone matters,” says Beverly Keys. 

Portfolio artist Corey Hagelberg will be giving a live talk and a free printmaking demonstration that LCA will broadcast live via Facebook on Saturday February 27th at 11am CST.
As part of a community engagement initiative of Pipelines and Borderlines, Hagelberg will also honor sustainability champion and environmental justice organization Just Transition NWI with an original print of his own. This celebration will also be part of LCA’s Facebook live event on February 27th.