#1StudentNWI: Sampling Careers at the Porter County Career and Technical Center

By: Brooke Regalado Last Updated: October 22, 2015

This past Saturday, October 10th, the automotive class had their winter car check. The car check was super successful and you could tell each student working on it had a blast by the look on their amazed faces when you walked into the garage!

The car check was free and open to the public so all kinds of people came to help the students get more practice and become more familiar with different cars. Latrell Lewis, a student in the program was telling me how much fun the had spending his Saturday with friends and his favorite Mr. Avalos.

The health careers and health occupations class had a HOSA day to introduce all of the students to their awesome program because they are a huge part of it for the rest of the year.

HOSA is a student organization that helps motivate and educate students, health instructors and adults going into to the medical field to better their careers and display opportunities through unity. During their HOSA day, the four class which included the morning/afternoon of both classes (health occupations and health careers) spent the day bonding and learning how to jumpstart their career by staying involved with their career. They also did activities together to keep every student animated about the organization.

Coming up ahead we have the store opening for the morning class! The wait is finally over and ever student is anticipating a great turnout and a great experience. Mrs. Gaulin’s entrepreneurship class had been preparing for this day since the beginning of school by learning how to understand tasks, the basic elements of running a business and of course how to stay positive throughout the whole time! Mrs. Gaulin does a great job of preparing the students to deal with any conflict that might occur so that the students can run their own enterprise and get as much experience as they can out of it.

Also coming up soon is another blood drive, the health classes try to make sure that there is at least one blood drive a quarter so every student has the opportunity to donate blood for a good cause. This year again we are striving for a great turnout so the Red Cross can once nominate us as the best high school to give blood so every year we can set our goals higher to save more lives and give the students more experience and more understanding when it comes to different careers in the health field.

Teacher Shout Out!
This month Mrs. Gaulin, the Entrepreneurship/Sports Marketing and Strategic Marketing teacher has been selected because of all of her hard work!

Mrs. Gaulin graduated from Indiana State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education & Information Design End-User Computing. Mrs. Gaulin is a newer teacher making this school year her second. When she was in high school she took the same marketing programs she teaches now and actually replaced her own beloved teacher when Mrs. Commers decided to retire.

Mrs. Gaulin has a unique style of teaching, at every moment of the class period she is animated and fills the students with lessons she has learned from her own experiences. The students learn all of the standards above and beyond while being taught life lessons that are important for any business student and she also shows lesssons that can relate to the average member of the community.

Her awesome personality and her willingness to help and get involved with everything helps the students also get animated about class.

The Career Center does a great job in general of motivating their students and opening opportunities to students they wouldn’t get anywhere else, but Mrs. Gaulin creates a unique experience that you can take to the work place to better yourself in this competitive business world.

This month we are also shouting out two students who are Brooke Regalado and Dani Suiter. Both young ladies were nominated for the Award of Excellence in Career and Technical Education. The girls were 2 out of the four chosen in our district of career and technical education and will compete against other districts later on in the school year.

Brooke is a senior at Washington Township High School and is in our Strategic Marketing program planning to go to Northwood University or the University of Tampa for Automotive Marketing. Brooke is involved in Deca, plays volleyball and works at Life Care Center of Valparaiso for her work-study program.

Dani goes to Valparaiso High School where she plays volleyball and is working on her second year in our health programs which includes participating in HOSA. Dani plans to go to Duquesne University to play volleyball and study nursing. After college, Dani wants to work in the emergency room or join the military to become a military nurse.