14 Spring Health & Safety Tips

By: Porter Regional Hospital Last Updated: March 22, 2010

1. Prevent the spread of germs. Wash your hands often with soap and water for 15 seconds.porter-go-emergency
2. Travel safely. Wear your seat belt every time. Always buckle your child in the car using a safety seat, booster seat, or seat belt.
3. Keep a watchful eye on your children when they are outside playing - away from streets or other dangerous areas.
4. Ready to let the spring air in? Consider safety guards allowing your windows to only open to four inches, or better yet, open windows from the top.
5. Spring cleaning? It's also a good time to change the batteries on your home smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.
6. Always have at least one working fire extinguisher in your home.

7. Exercise. As temperatures rise, it's a great time to get some fresh air and work-out. Be sure to stretch and warm-up first.
8. If you are coping with loss, acknowledge the absence of a loved one and realize that you will feel sad at times. All wounds take time to heal.
9. Eat moderately, especially if you have known gallbladder disease. Overindulgence increases your risk for gallbladder rebellion.
10. Watch your salt intake. Patients with high blood pressure or history of congestive heart failure are particularly at risk of aggravating their condition with too much salt.
11. Too much alcohol can put you on the express track to the Emergency Department. Alcohol-related automobile deaths and injuries are the most common cause of unexpected tragedy.
12. Don't forget the elderly during the Spring. Try to involve elders and make them feel an important part of the family.
13. Avoid overeating. It can raise your cholesterol and weight, both of which can increase heart attack risk.
14. Know where to go for an Emergency.

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