10 Fun Things to do While Practicing Social Distancing

10 Fun Things to do While Practicing Social Distancing

With many people practicing social distancing and staying at home this week, it can be difficult to come up with ways to keep yourself and your loved ones busy. Here’s your guide to some virtual fun, both in the Region and even galactically.

Story Time from Space - Anytime, Online, International Space Station

Watch astronauts on the Space Station read children’s books and perform science demonstrations! Story Time from Space offers a delightful combination of science, literacy, and entertainment through its library of free, family-friendly videos. 

Click here to check it out!

Women in space reading a book

Live Panda Exhibit - Anytime, Online, Zoo Atlanta

Get your daily animal fix with Zoo Atlanta’s live panda exhibit! You’ll be privy to behind-the-scenes experiences with some of the zoo’s most interesting residents.

Click here to check it out!

Panda being cute, eating bamboo

Free Coloring Books to Download/Print - Anytime

Unleash your inner artist with the 113 available coloring books on this website! More than 100 museums created downloadable and printable illustrations for you or your child to color in.

Check them out here!

Digital Books from the Porter County Public Library - Anytime, Porter County

Not going to the library in person is not a problem thanks to Libby, a digital library app. Check out this helpful post from Porter County Public Library for more information.

Libby the library thats always open

Take a walk on the Outback Trail at Imagination Glen - Dawn - 8 p.m., Portage

Get your daily steps in by exploring the Outback Trail at Imagination Glen!

For more information on the trail, click here.

Grab some Fiddlehead takeout!

This will start at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 18. Head to their website using this link to decide what to order!

Free Books Online - Anytime, OpenLibrary.org

Openlibrary.org also offers free books digitally! Curl up with a new read today by clicking the link here.

Donate Blood - Reserves Are Low!

Medical facilities around the Region could use your help. Sign up to donate blood today.

Click here to schedule your appointment to give blood.

Man donating blood at blood drive

Live Feed from Mars - Anytime, Online, NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Virtually explore the surface of Mars, thanks to footage captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Click here to check it out!

Fun Germ Lesson for Kids! Anytime, Online, CDC

As schools are closing and some parents are working from home more than they regularly do, you may find your family spending more time together than before. Here's a fun experiment to do with your kids to explain the importance of washing our hands during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the video instructions here.